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Preteen Boys

Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: If you not over the age of 18 and if man-to-man interracial sex offends you, thenstop reading right now and go to something else that might interest you. Thisstory is strictly about interracial man to man sex. Preteen Boys It's a fantasy that probably won'thappen, but it's mine and I'm having my own little fun. If you'd like to make ithappen then drop me a Preteen Boys line. Dream FantasybyEuropean TravelerThere is a park located in our city that runs the complete length, sometimes only ablock wide in the denser areas of town to 5-6 blocks in the more residential areas. A fairly large stream runs the length of the park until it empties into a nearby river.It is laced with trails for hiking, jogging, and horseback riding, in addition to thosetrails, there are the hidden where lovers go for those secret moments, this story isabout three men that found one of those hidden trails, how they met, and their lovemaking. * * * *Driving through the park has always brought me a lot of pleasure, from the naturalbeauty and some from the activities that a person finds just walking around. Thisparticular day, I stopped at one of the picnic groves and was Preteen Boys watching the river init's overflow state from all the recent heavy rains. As I was standing on the bridgewatching the water flow, another person walked by with what I thought the samething in mind, only as he passed he kept clutching his baggy shorts. As he stoodthere, I could see that he cock was becoming aroused. We exchanged looks and Islowly rubbed my crotch letting him know that we were kin-folk, but there wasjust something about him that didn't do much for my sexual drive. But I have toadmit I've always love to see cocks stiffen when the owner is wearing pants.After playing this cat-an-mouse game for a few minutes we were interrupted bytwo black men that were headed in our direction. When they saw us, theyhesitated and headed in another direction. I looked at them and noticed that one ofthem was about 40-45 and had a truly striking physic. As they strolled away, hekept turning around and looking, and I kept watching. He slowly nodded his headand I did likewise. The fellow still standing on the bridge must have noticed thatsignal because he quickly walked by me and gave me a nasty look. He seemed totake my action as an insult to him. When the fellow left, the black man with the great physic turn around and headedtowards the bridge and stopped at the edge. I was glancing back and forth betweenhim and Preteen Boys the water. The two of them had arrived together so I didn't pursue itmuch further. But he was sexually attractive and I guess that he was in his 40's. He came over and started to make the usual idle chatter about the rising water, andall the debris floating by. We continued to make superficial chatter for a fewmoments and then I noticed that his friend had come up along side."Hi, my name Preteen Boys is Ken, what's your's?" I gave him my name as Alan and turn and asked his friend what his name was, heinformed me that it was Phil, and we continued to make more idle chatter. Since Iwas fascinated with the way Phil looked I kept my eye on him, but then I noticedthat Ken was slowly rubbing the noticeable bulge that was building up in hisalready too tight Levi's. My eye's turned back to Phil and his sexual appearancewas one that turn me on. Here is a man in his forties, fairly muscular build, nothandsome but a sexy face with a closely cropped mustache. Now Ken was noslouch in the body department, but between the two I found Phil much moreattractive, his body was a little fuller as compared to his friend, Ken, who gave theappearance of spending a lot of time in the gym. The weather was warm, so bothof them had muscle shirts on, and I could see the trim body that was beneath thoseshirts. Phil's pec's were a show piece in themselves and I could envision Preteen Boys mymouth sucking on his nipples."So what's a nice fellow like you doing out here in the park, all alone," Keninquired, "he should be with someone and enjoying this weather and the scenery." It was just the way he said it that let me say "to hell" with how I responded. "Whosays that I'm not enjoying the scenery, from where I'm standing, I've got the bestof two worlds right in front me. It all looks enjoyable. Besides, what are twofellows like you doing out on a beautiful day." "Oh, do I detect that someone might be interested in a little fun and games thismorning," Phil said, "you know mornings always make me a little horny, especiallywhen I see a nice looking man like you standing alone here in the woods, with apair of sexy legs, showing off a hot basket and a pair of great buns."I just responded with "could be" and glanced back and forth between Phil andKen, wondering just what their story was, so I decided to ask. "So are you guys acouple, looking for a third and just what are you intentions, hopefully honorable," Isaid with a dumb grin. Ken's responds was, "they'll Preteen Boys be just as honorable as youwould like them to be. We are a couple, and we don't play around that muchthat's why we headed the other way when we saw you on the bridge with the otherwhite fellow. You know a lot of white fellows don't want to be picked up by ablack man, especially two of them. Aren't you a little concerned?""Sure I am, but you two look like it might be fun to take the risk." It was just theway that he asked about being concerned that I wondered about them. Then Philresponded and said: "We had originally intended on going for a nice walk thismorning and then I aw you, now Ken and I have been together for about 10 yearsand seldom played around, but there was just something about the way you lookedthat turned my head. I've always Preteen Boys loved Ken, but the both of us have always showna slight interest in white fellows. But we don't mess around unless the otherperson is there and there aren't many white fellows that would like a three waywith two black fellows." "I guess you've not looked too hard, cause I know a lot of men that would tacklethe both of you." "Yeah, but Preteen Boys not together." I understood what they were sayingand we talked more Preteen Boys about relationships, etc. I said that I haven't made it with ablack man but recently gotten very excited about watching some interracial pornofilms where there is a lot of interracial fucking and sucking. Something about theskin tones turned me on. I didn't really care who was on top or bottom, thethought of watching a white man and black man getting it on, really turns me on. "Hey," chimed in Phil, "we've thought of it several times, but couldn't find awilling partner, you sound like you might be interested." "Yeah, I am," I heardmyself saying, "I'm a little apprehensive and I haven't done three-way, plus, maybethis is a turn off, but I haven't gotten fucked in years I'm usually a top and justwhat are you two thinking of?" I guess I was looking for an Preteen Boys out, but my inner selfwas screaming, "got to bed with them, act out those fantasies you've always hadand hope you enjoy them." "Tell you what, we won't do anything that you don't want done to you," Kenremarked, "remember that probably one of us is getting fucked in this arrangement,but to be honest, we both love to fuck and get fucked. So I'm sure that we canaccommodate you.""Let's talk some more," I found myself saying, "I've always had a fantasy aboutgoing to bed with Preteen Boys a black man, and I just never had the never to act upon it." "Well, we'll respect your limits, seeing you just made us hot to pick up a whiteman this morning. We haven't have a threesome since we've been together andtalking to you has just gotten the both of us ready to explode and we'd like to try." I looked at their tight short levi's and both of them had that noticeable bulge of theright size cocks to suck on. I reached over and rubbed both of their crotches. Damn, I wanted to get on my knees right there and suck both of them. Looking attight Levi's has always been a turn on for me. "Be careful, we just have to do youhere," Ken said, "and I think it'd be a lot better in bed." That's when I decided to throw some of my prudishness out the window. "Youknow recently I've had this funny thought running through my mind every time Isee a black & white fuck film, and maybe today it might just happen." Phil asked what it was and I admitted that I felt kind of funny talking about it, butfigured what the hell, if I want to do it, just say it. "Okay, Phil since you asked, I'dlike to see you laying on your back, your cock soft. I'd crawl up between yourspread legs and start sucking. I'd take that soft cock and work it around in mymouth, letting my cheeks and tongue work it over and as it slowly works it's waydown my throat, Ken grease up his cock and my ass then position himself betweenmy spread legs and fuck me, while I watch it in the mirror and when we're donethat I climb on your hot buns and fuck you. When I saw you walking I don't knowif I wanted to fuck you first or let you fuck me." "Jeez, Phil," quipped Ken, "lets get this dude home right away before he changedhis mind." So the three of us get in our cars, Ken rides with me to show me theway and while driving he mentions that he'd love to have me fuck his ass, " Sinceyou Preteen Boys were so opened about what you'd like to do I say that I've always wanted toget a white man to fuck me, my legs right up in the air and have Phil take somepictures of me getting fucked, jeez, I'm getting hot, I hope you can stay longenough to let me have my way with your cock. I'm the same as you, when I sawthat ass of yours I don't know whether I wanted to fuck it first or have you fuckme. I've always thought it would be nice to be laying down on my stomach have aman spread my legs as far as possible and mount me then fuck, like you, I'd love towatch that in a mirror. It sounds like we're all letting out some fantasies." We arrive at the house, a rather nice house and it's not far from where I live, wetalk a little bit about yards, etc, and Phil says that he's going up to the bedroomand clean up and then lay down. "Okay," as Ken's response, "and don't let it gethard." Phil leaves while Ken and I do some fervent kissing, we press our crotchesnext to each other and I can feel his long tool slowly working it's way down thoseshorts. "Ken, I've not gotten fucked in a very long time, so when you first plungethat cock into my ass, go slow." "Sure will, but why don't we loosen it up a little bit right now, and as soon as Philget's out of the shower we'll head for the bedroom. Both of us are quick toremove our clothes, I'm hot to feel his man meat in my ass. I lay down on mystomach on their king size bed and Ken quickly gets the lube and condom. Hestarts to massage my ass and then works one finger into my ass, slowly. Ieventually relax, I'm not accustom to the invasion, soon he has two fingers in thereand I'm working to relax by taking pointer from him. He's in far enough to reachmy prostrate and it's starting to feel good, the pain and the pleasure of it, I don'tknow about these new feelings, then the third finger penetrates and I'm starting torelax enough. I turn around and say, "try the real thing, work that ass." By thenPhil is through showering and comes out of the room. "Quick, get on this bed andlet me suck that cock of yours." Phil has been taken back a bit, but quicklyrecovers, he gets in bed and spreads his legs and slides down with his cock in myface. I quickly plunge my mouth down on his soften cock and suck it into mymouth. "Jeez, suck that, I've never felt anything that good, it's too hot, " as hegrabs the back of my head and holds my nose into his black pubic hair. My throat,tongue Preteen Boys and cheeks are sucking and working on that flaccid cock, but it doesn'ttake long for it to grow to full potency."Jeez, Ken, you have to have him suck your cock, that mouth is something else,damn he knows how to suck, take this cock, suck it," as he rams it into my throat,holding my face as tight as he can into his groin. My lust has taken over, I want tosuck that cock, I want all of it in my throat and just waiting for Ken to mount myass. He's taking it slow, but my lust for Phil's cock has me almost over the brink,I love to suck on flaccid cocks and have them thicken in my mouth. I'm workingmy ass around and it has Ken excited, he slowly enters my ass, the pain is there,but the lust has taken over. I arch my back and spread my legs as far apart as Ican. He takes that as a signal and starts to work his cock into my fuck Preteen Boys chute. Ilet out a loud painful groan and Preteen Boys Ken says, "I'll stop if it hurts that much." I moana "no, no" and let him know that he has to go a little slower. He doesn't move butlets my ass get used to it, and then slowly he pushes persistently forward. I'm still consumed with sucking Phil's cock, and listening to him, "gawd, no onehas ever sucked like that, damn Ken he's taking it to the root, my fucking cock islike a bomb getting ready to detonate. gawd you have one fucking sweet mouth.Ken has irrevocably got his cock as deep as it will go and he lets it stay there forawhile, but listening to Phil's lewd comments about getting sucked Ken starts topummel his cock into my ass. I've gotten used to it, and I turn my head so slightlyand see myself in the mirror getting pummeled in the ass, my legs spread wideaccepting the thrust of his cock. Finally Phil explodes and he hold my head tightagainst his groin I force my nose tighter into his pubic hair, his hair and mymustache have become one. I start to feel the pulsating of this fuck musclethrobbing in my mouth and the first of many spasms start to erupt his juice into myhot and anxiously awaiting mouth. Watching Phil's cram his cock into my mouth get's Ken excited, he's already hot,and that was just what the doctor ordered to send him over the brink. He grabsmy shoulders and pulls himself tight into my ass. "Yeah, take that cock, I'm goingto fuck that white ass until you beg for more", he keeps hammering on my ass,"you want that cock don't you, you've always wanted some black stud ram youass, you want that black muscle to fuck you? Soon, Phil's sensitive cock is toomuch as I keep sucking on the fuck tube that is slowly becoming flaccid. I pull mymouth off and turn to Ken, "yeah, fuck me, oh I want to season that ass for morecock, jeez, drive that cock home, fuck me, jeez, I want to finally feel a throbbingcock in my ass." I work my ass back and forth, arching my back and shoving myass back to meet his assaulting cock. I turn and look, in the mirror, it's awonderful sight to see myself getting my ass reamed out by this stud. It isn't longand Ken's lust has taken over, he rams as hard as he can and plants his cock asdeep as he can. "Uuuuuuuugh, gawd, take this cock, this is one hot fucking ass." Ifeel the throbs deep within my bowels, it feels so good as he collapses on my back.We lay there for a moment and both of them suggest that we clean up and rest fora short spell. My ass is sore, but I'm at last satisfied. As we're showering, Kenyells over the door, remember, we have a deal going, just hope that my ass feels asgood to you as your ass felt to me. After we've freshened up, we're all laying on the bed, when I rolled over andstarted to kiss Phil. Our deep throating become quite serious and as soon as mycock started getting hard, I stopped. I then kissed Ken and thank him for thescrewing he gave me. "Thanks, I've thought of that for a long time and to havehad the sex we just had was a dream come true, there are Preteen Boys still parts of the dreamthat I hope are just around the bend, but thanks for these memories." Phil said:"Ken, you just have to have him suck your cock like he did mine, in all the years ofsucking I've never had a man that could take a soft cock and bring to hardness tofast and make me shoot." Ken said that he'll consider that and continued, "Phil,you know what we've talked about and I really interested in you taking thosepictures of me getting fucked and it looks like our man is just the man to fuck me." Ken looks at me and says, "I'm ready, just get that cock hard and I want you tomount my ass, suck on my nipples and make me beg for more cock." Phil had thevideo camera already mounted, and I suspect that it was there just waiting. Just the thought of that started to stiffen my cock and I rolled over onto him. Helet me lay between his legs and immediately my stiffen cock wanted to get physicalwith Ken. He lifted his legs in anticipation and from the way he was acting I knewthat he wanted to get fucked badly and quickly, it was his fantasy and he wantedPhil to video tape it. It wasn't long before I had the condom on, my cock greasedup and at the approach to his love channel. I just shoved it in and then lowered myhead down to his nipples and started to bite them. He became almost frenzied, Ishoved forward hard and started to pull out and slam forward as hard and as fastas I could. I soon realize that Phil was climbing onto the bed and the camera wasin auto mode. It wasn't long before he was behind me and Preteen Boys fingering my ass withmore grease. I knew what was going to happen and started to get ready for thatshove Phil was going to make. I turned and said, "looks like you planned this, andall I got to say about it is, fuck me you black stud, fuck this white ass while I takeadvantage of this black brothers ass." I lay completely down on Ken and let Philassault my ass. I tell Phil, you're going to have to fuck both of us, I just lay thereand let him pound his hard cock into my ass, each shove he makes forward justslams me deeper into Ken and I'm enjoying the stimulation of getting it on bothsides. "Yeah, fuck that white ass," I hear Ken moaning to Phil, "I want to feel hiscock every time you fuck his hot ass, fuck him, I want that cock in my ass, damnPhil fuck him hard." We keep the fucking up for several minutes and then I feelthe familiar final lunge forward by Phil and his cock throbbing for release, it sendsme over the edge and soon my seed is spilling forward into Ken's gasping fuckhole. We lay there in complete exhaustion and rest finally Ken asked that we getoff him and when we do, we hug each other and doze off to a quick nap, knowingthat when we wake up, there is going to be another switch around of partners. The story continues when we wake up from our nap, but you'll have to finish it.
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